Children’s Dreams are not meant to be Doubted but to be Believed!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 approximately 9:35 am in the children’s brightly colored library at the preschool I work for, the children sat row by row on the carpet in anticipation of what book the librarian would read to them this week. My heart leaped with joy as I realized that the book she chose to […]

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Are we proactively teaching Children to love and embrace Their Race as well as Others?

Rarely people take pleasure in talking about the “Elephant” in the room, especially if that elephant is race. Because it is such a difficult topic to address we much rather prefer to choose a colorblind approach to race acting as if we can not see it and it does not exist at times. We are […]

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I was ashamed of being Black

I hated black history month as a child. In February as I sat in my brightly colored classroom in an elementary school that was filled with pictures of historical black figures it was not a joyous occasion for me. When my teachers began talking about Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and other […]

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