Child Sexual Abuse is a crime. Is it the Parents or Educators job to Teach Prevention?

As an Early Childhood Educator and one who genuinely loves children, just the mere thought of an innocent but yet vulnerable child becoming the target of an older individual’s sexual sick and perverse fantasies is enough to make my stomach turn. As I began conversing with Educators on the topic of Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, I kept hearing a similar but yet alarmingly shocking response that sounded along the lines of this “It’s the parent’s job to do that.” My heart sank deeper than the ocean as I immediately began to think about those children in the foster care system who don’t even have parents. Whose job is it to reach those in the system that are silently being violated behind closed doors? Read More

4 Tips for Parents on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.

Talking with your child can be one sure way of preventing your child from being sexually abused. I used the term with and not to for a reason. Talking to your child causes them to be all ears while you talk about the uncomfortable and yet taboo topic of safe body touch in an age appropriate way. Talking with your child causes them to go beyond being all ears but gives them a voice to talk with you about the uncomfortable topic. I believe that this is practice in giving them a voice IF the unthinkable was to happen or sadly IF the unthinkable is happening. All too many times abusers practice silencing their victims.
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Senator Lauren Book Q and A Interview conducted by Daisy Copelin

Lauren Book is an Educator, Child Advocate,Wife, Mother and Author of It’s okay to tell and Laurens Kingdom. A memoir and a children’s book geared toward child sexual abuse prevention. Alongside her being an amazing and courageous individual she is one of the 42 million survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States. If this wasn’t enough Lauren is president and founder of an organization out in Florida called Lauren’s Kids. Her organization’s mission is to educate adults and children about sexual abuse prevention through in-school curricula, awareness campaigns and speaking engagements around the country and the world.

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