COVID-19 Resource Survival Guide for Parents

Before COVID-19 life was normal for you. It was so much easier to have your children dropped off at school and leave them underneath the tutelage of teachers, after all, that’s what the profession of a teacher is for right? If you’re reading this article you probably never thought in a million years that the option of sending your children to school would no longer be an option at least for the 2019-2020 school year. You are now faced with this newfound dilemma that entails homeschooling your children. Whether you are working from home or whether you are currently unemployed due to changes in the economy you can rest assured that you got this. I have compiled a list of resources that I hope would be of assistance to you in this season where you are weathering uncharted territory.


Reading is so important because it gives children a substantial amount of knowledge helping children to learn, it keeps their minds active while developing their minds, expands vocabulary and enhances their thinking skills. Reading a book a day keeps the boredom away!Resource survival guide for parents new to homeschooling (2) Below are a few resources for books!

FREE and fun reading websites for kids 

FREE and low cost for practicing reading 

FREE online kids books

Eating healthy has many benefits for children. It stabilizes their energy, improves their minds, evens out their moods. It also helps them maintain a healthy weight, helps prevent mental health conditions. These include depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Here are a few resources as well as tips for eating healthy.

Tips for Eating Healthy during COVID-19

Food Safety and Nutrition

Schedules are symbolic representations of structure. Before the crisis, your child experienced a very structured school day. It is important for your child to have as much routine as possible. If you have already made up a schedule for your child, good, job if not it is okay to implement one now. It will make not only your life easier but your child’s as well. It may even be a great idea to include your child in the process of creating the schedule.

Outdoor time and activities are so crucial during this very stressful crisis in the world. It is beneficial both mentally, emotionally, physically and psychologically. There are 11 scientifically proven reasons you should go outside. Check them out here. If it’s anything that I learned working with children is that it doesn’t take much to entertain them once they are outdoors. A game of different versions of tag, or hide and go seek can surprisingly go on for hours. In addition to these games here is a list of 50 more outdoor activities that children love. Click here

Utilize every resource of safe communication for your child to keep in contact with loved ones and friends. Developing social skills in children prepares them for a lifetime of healthier interactions in all aspects of life. Social skills are an integral part of functioning in society. This can look like a supervised phone call,  FT call or via the widely used video platform Zoom. However, for the zoom platform here are 5 safety tips for playing it safe. Safety Tips 


Rely on your village in this season of the unknown. “It takes a village to raise a child” African Proverb. You are not in this alone there is support, the Internet is your village in the season of crisis. Below are some more resources. 

 Helping Children Cope With Changes 

Food Bank

Self Care Tips for Your kids and You during COVID-19 

Do Your Kids really need 8 hours of homeschooling a day?

Creativity is important “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”Maya Angelou. Be creative in this season and allow your child room to be creative as well. “Think outside the box” This is figuratively and literally if you have preschool-aged children you can do something as simple as giving them a box and allow their imagination to run wild. Here are some other creative options for your child to keep them busy. Check it out here 250 Creative things for Your Kids during COVID-19  

Exercising is important during this crisis. Exercising outdoors the possibilities are endless. However, when it is raining, exercising indoors is essential as well. Here are some rainy day indoor workouts for children. FREE at-home workout for kids during COVID-19

Stressing less during this crisis can be very challenging and it is okay not to be okay! Parents, after you have taken care of your child, do not forget to take care of you. Even teachers need a break during the school day to refuel and recharge. You can implement a lot of the above resources for yourself and below there are more tips for engaging in self-care. 

FREE Nike Exercising App

Stress and Coping during COVID-19

Self Care Tips COVID-19

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Resource survival guide for parents new to homeschooling (3)

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