Top 10 Things Teachers should do this Summer!

The long along-awaited school year has come to an end for some teachers while others are counting down the days in anticipation. You can almost hear the sounds of beach water splashing, children joyously riding bikes and screams of cheerful laughter around the corner. The smell of barbecuing seems a lot closer than you can think or imagine. The heat from the sun’s rays on your skin is a constant reminder that summer is rapidly approaching. Any day now you will be saying tearful goodbyes to your kids, or tears of joy as the  freedom of summer gently calls your name. The freedom to wake up at whatever time you want, go where you want and to do what you want. However, just the thought of that brings guilt for some myself included.

I am a workaholic and oftentimes feel guilty when I am not working or doing something productive. Every now and then I have to check myself as I had to this past Saturday. After finishing up three final exams and handing in my thesis for that week by Saturday I was depleted. I’ve recently endured two strenuous years of full-time work with kids alongside 5-6 evening classes per semester and managed to finish my degree requirements with honors. While blogging and posting educational based content daily. You would think I wouldn’t have felt guilty for sleeping in later than usual but I did. However, with just a few reminders that I deserved to sleep in later than usual, I was on the road to enjoying my well-deserved relaxation with Netflix.

As the summer has already started for some and rapidly approaching for other teachers I would like to encourage you to have a guilt-free summer. You have taken care of kids all school year long this summer make sure to take care of you. Summer vacations are called vacations for a reason. Here is a list of 10 fun things you can do this summer. Feel free to reach out and suggest other fun things to do as I am also giving camp a break this year.Summer is here!

1. Take up a hobby
Everyone has something that they’re good at. Hobbies can include blogging, arts, and crafts, building things, hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking which I actually tried for the first time with my sister and brother. Initially, I was petrified (But don’t tell anyone that lol) but after facing my fears I absolutely loved it. Gardening, cooking, baking, drawing, painting, scrapbooking, photography, filming, knitting, jewelry making, and the list goes on. Dare to tap into your inner self and find that thing that you really enjoy but can’t seem to find the time for throughout the year and do it this summer.

2. Read for pleasure
Whether it’s at home, at Starbucks with a cup of iced coffee, a park, or even on a beach reading for pleasure can be fundamental but also relaxing. (I intend on doing a lot of that this summer after having read so many required books for my classes.)

Summer is here! (1)

3. Take a vacation
Whether it’s for a few days or a week getting away and experiencing new settings, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and trying out new foods can be fun and exciting. (Applying for my passport immediately, venturing out and riding on a plane for the first time this summer.)

4. Volunteering
There are tons of organizations that are local and could use a helping hand. Examples: your local library, animal shelters, food pantries, soup kitchens, national parks, art museums, YMCA, tutoring and the list goes on. Here are some other cool volunteer ideas for the summer:

5. Professional Development
Take time out to read some educational based books, listen to some educational podcasts, attend an educational conference. Here is a list of conferences for July and August 2019: Better learners make better educators.

6. Sleeping
Quite certain you had early mornings and tons of late nights. Take time out to catch up on some sleep.

Summer is here! (3)

7. Family and friends
Spending time with family and friends can be very invigorating. Whether it’s going out and actually doing something adventurous and exciting or just relaxing, eating and joking around it’s healthy.

8. Meet new people
You have all the time in the world venture out and meet new people. It’s healthy as well as beneficial for you as well as them.

9. Go swimming
Summers are made for swimming. Whether your a pro at swimming or a non-swimmer like me (unsure if the doggy paddle counts as swimming but if it doesn’t i’m a non-swimmer lol)pools are good for cooling you down and can even be relaxing.

Summer is here! (2)

10. Exercising

Now would be the perfect time to get back into the habit of exercising. Whether it’s going for walks in the park and taking in the scenery, running, or getting into the gym there’s lots of time to come up with a routine. (I’m so guilty of falling off)

Whatever you decide to do this summer just make sure you have fun doing it guilt free!

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