5 Body Safety Rules Every Kid Should Know By 5

It seems like the list of things you have to teach your kid is endless and the list keeps getting longer. However, one thing that should be prioritized is teaching your kid the 5 Body Safety Rules before they turn 5. You may question the urgency of such a topic but here’s why.

According to CDC reports 1 in every 5 children will experience sexual abuse. This is equivalent to 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys. Also, take into consideration It is not to say that this will happen to your kid however, it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry. It is important that you speak with your child about Personal Body Safety in order to keep them safe when they are not in your sight.

Teaching your kids personal body safety


1. They are the boss of their body
Consent is important! Teach your kid they can say “No” if they do not want to be kissed, touched or hugged if they are not comfortable.

2. Use actual names of body parts
While you are teaching about the other parts of their body such as eyes, nose, mouth, legs, also teach them the correct names of their private parts. This is so important because it gives your kid the vocabulary if the unthinkable were to happen and someone touched their private parts. Also, know that these are ongoing discussions with your kid. If your kid is referring to their private parts by using different names other than what you taught them, do not be afraid to ask them where they learned it from.

3. Good and bad secrets
Explain to your kid the difference between good and bad secrets and that no one is allowed to ask them to keep a bad secret if one of the body safety rules have been broken. A good way of explaining a good secret is, it makes them feel happy and excited whereas, a bad secret makes them feel bad, sad, angry, nervous or afraid. Reinforce the concept that they can trust you with a bad secret. What’s helpful with younger children is having them use the word surprises instead of secrets. Explain to your kid the good thing about surprises is that everyone finds out the surprise.

Teaching your Kids Personal Body Safety (2) (1)

4. Safety Network
Have your child choose anywhere from 3-5 adults they can trust to go to if someone breaks one or more of the body safety rules. Help them choose adults inside and outside the family that they can trust. It is also important to let them know that they would not get in trouble if someone breaks one of the Body Safety Rules it is not their fault.

5. Appropriate and inappropriate touch
Teach your child the bathing suit rule. Private parts are the parts of your body that the bathing suit covers. Inappropriate touches entail someone touching their private parts or inappropriate kisses. Appropriate touches are hugs, high fives, handshakes trusted grownups washing their private parts or a trusted doctor checking their private parts.

According to RAINN Thousands of children are sexually abused each year. Over 90% of the abuse comes from people children know. Ensure that your kid is equipped and trained in order to keep them safe. Make learning the 5 Personal Body Safety Rules fun. Below is FREE Body Safety Rules Posters that you can download and print out for your child. Feel free to share!

Five Body Safety Rules spiderman theme

Pete the cat

Five Body Safety Rules poster

Five Body Safety Rules spider man themeFive Body Safety Rules posterpete the cat

3 thoughts on “5 Body Safety Rules Every Kid Should Know By 5

  1. Daisy!

    AWESOME WORK!!!! Why are you keeping it a secret from us? I just heard about this today!

    Congratulation!! We cannot wait you see more of your creation!

    N & J


      1. We are great. Thanks for sending us a note. We will have the book signed by you the next time we see you! Please keep us in your thoughts and keep up the good work!! You are amazing!!!!
        N & J


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