A Letter to Teachers of Challenging Kids!

Dear Teachers,

That challenging kid/s in your class they never asked to be there but considering that destiny caused you two to meet its best you greet them with the intentions to teach them.

Their job is to grow as a student and your job is to help them grow knowing that all children learn differently even if the learning style between the way and others in their class learn are visible distinctly.

That kid/s is struggling behaviorally for a reason but you were put in their life during this season on purpose to be a visible display of what unconditional love looks like.

Someone once said, “The kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving ways.”(Unknown) Attempt to remember this the next time that kid/s is giving you a hard time more than likely that kid/s is having a hard time.

During these times continue showing your unconditional love, attention, and affection knowing that in due time this is what will cause that challenging kid/s to grow and soar like eagle’s wings with you being mindful of the challenges it brings.

As a teacher you are human and have every right to feel frustrated, stressed, burned out, fed up but don’t ever let that kid/s feel like your giving up on them. They need to feel loved and like you are their biggest supporter, they need to feel like you believe in them even when they may not have the potential to believe in themselves.Have a Happy Holi! (3)


You may not see the growth or changes with that kid/s that you want right away and you may walk away from the school year feeling like there was no growth. But the truth is you both grew, you in patience and love and they grew to be loved.

That  challenging kid/s years down the line may come back to say thank you if their near or they may not be able to because of the distance but you can smile whenever you think of that kid/s knowing deep down inside that you made a difference.


Daisy Copelin

An Advocate of Challenging Children


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