What is the alphabet and why is learning it so crucial for children?

What is the alphabet and why is learning it so crucial for children? The alphabet is a collection of letters, with each letter representing a sound or in some cases more than one sound. The alphabet is literally the foundation for children being able to achieve literacy also known as learning to read and write. Nonetheless learning the alphabet should not be a chore but should be fun for both you and children. The Letter of the Day is a fun as well as engaging way to teach children the alphabet. Learning with Li Li a YouTube series does just that.

Learning with Li Li is an educational YouTube series centered around teaching children the letters of the alphabet in a catchy and creative way. Li Li also known as Elias who is featured in the videos is an intelligent child with a witty sense of humor and infectious love for letters and learning.image1.jpeg

According to Ashanti Surratt Elias mother, the mission of Learning with Li Li is to encourage and promote easy, yet effective learning for young children.learning the alphabet should not be a chore but for for both you and children (2) Learning With Li Li came about when she noticed how much Elias loved watching fun learning videos on YouTube. Little Baby Bum was his favorite. As he got a bit older, she noticed the type of videos he liked to watch changed from fun learning, to just fun. He liked to watch children play with toys. Ryan’s Toys Review became his favorite. As a concerned parent she did not want Elias to stray away from fun learning, so she thought “Why not combine toys with letters and words?” She then ran this idea by Elias and asked him If he wanted to start his own channel like Ryan, and he immediately said yes as a result Learning with Li Li was conceived.

Recently Ashanti began incorporating children’s books at the end of Learning with Li Li’s videos. She saw it fit to start off her series with a children’s book written by myself entitled No More Bad Secrets a book geared towards teaching children about personal body safety featured at the end of the video. Ashanti believes that incorporating books into fun and exciting programs is a great way to spark a curiosity for books as well as literacy and learning within children.  Here is Elias featured in The Letter of the Day representing the letter O 


Elias is currently 4 years old. Ashanti noticed his love for learning very early on. He was always so eager to do things such as walking , talking , using the potty, just about everything. If an adult was doing it… HE wanted to do it. Ashanti details how people were always telling her how bright Elias was (teachers, doctors, family, etc.) She realized how smart he was when he read his first book at the tender age of 2 and still holds onto the video of that monumental moment for memories sake.

As a result of his curiosity for learning she knew that The Letter of the Day videos would come naturally to him. She also knew that it would engage other children and help them learn in a fun way as well. Here is Elias featured in The Letter of the Day representing the letter P 

Ashanti enjoys embarking on Elias’s YouTube journey as he continues to learn and grow and takes pride in her son learning the alphabet and words. She believes that teaching children letters at an early age is crucial to their long term development. Before books, there are words. Before words, there are letters. That’s where it starts she emphasizes. 

Ashanti believes that Learning With Li Li can be beneficial to lots of children but mainly between the ages of  2-6. She believes that the videos are playful and creative enough to keep a toddler’s attention, yet they also feature some pretty cool toys that would entertain a 1st grader. image1 (1)

To see more of Learning with Li Li check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel  at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7tS26hyQDn8VWm5hj0CfAA 

Follow his instagram here for more The letter of the day moments https://www.instagram.com/learningwithlili4/


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