January 2019 came quicker than we all anticipated. And with a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. It is time to put into action the changes in life choices that we desired to make year long. However we held off until January, subtly known as procrastination which were all guilty of.  Some educators are going back to school with the mindset of marking down the days until the school year ends. Nonetheless on the contrary some are looking forward to change and a fresh start. Wherever, you are on your journey here are some resolutions that you can add on to your list that is sure to leave you revived, reinvigorated and recharged for the duration of the school year.

1. Time Management

This one is at the top of the list where it belongs because it is considered to be foundation. If you master this everything else below would fall into place effortlessly. One of our favorite reasons for not being able to accomplish something or not being able to do it on time is, “I didn’t have the time,” This is actually inaccurate. It is not because we didn’t have the time it’s simply that we did not use the time wisely that we have been given. Someone once said “Among the greatest enemy of success is procrastination,”(Author unknown).Time Management Make up in your mind that every resolution you desire to accomplish is achievable through practicing effective time management skills. You may be off to a slow start in this area but practice makes perfect. Just think about it like this,everything you taught your children they was only able to learn and master through practice.


2. Take care of your body

Jack once said “Your body is your most priceless possession take care of it,” (Jack Lalane). Let’s just be honest with ourselves, teaching and taking care of children is hard work, but yet rewarding. We need to be at our best physically, mentally and emotionally in order to continue to do so.

Time Management (1) I challenge you to intentionally and slowly add changes to your diet. Allowing yourself grace to be human and mess up from time to time. Schedule time to exercise even if it is a brief walk from time to time. Lastly, ensure that you are getting sufficient sleep preferably 7-9 hours a day. News Flash the same way no one prefers a child that woke up on the wrong side of the bed, similarly, no one prefers an adult who woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

3.  Balance between inside and outside the classroom

We get it, you are a passionate teacher and you would love to spend your evenings and weekends lesson planning. Although the idea of that is great it is much more beneficial if there is a balance between the two. It is healthy for you to take as much time outside of the classroom for YOU!Time Management (2) Take time to leisurely read books, meet new people, enjoy time with friends and loved ones, try new foods,adventures and places. Go hiking, mountain bike riding as long as weather permits of course. Go to the movies, take up a new hobby, grab some hot chocolate with marshmallows it goes hand in hand with Netflix. Either or whatever you decide ensure that you do it guilt free, knowing that taking time out for you does not make you any less of a passionate teacher it just makes you a much healthier one

4.  Fresh Ideas put them into action

New Year means new ideas. Re-evaluate your classroom set up, add some new items, decorations, look over some new themes. Reach out to other educators to  find out what they are doing that is new and exciting in the classroom. Time Management (3)Children thrive off of things that are new. Something as simple as adding a new set of crayons, or colored pencils are enough to get them excited. Whatever you come up with be sure to share your ideas with others.


 5.  Laugh more

Charlie once said “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” (Charlie Chaplin). Make a conscious effort to go into 2019 laughing inside as well as outside the classroom more.Truth be told you as a teacher create the environment you desire to host your children in all year.Time Management (4) Happy and humorous teachers create happy classrooms that are contaminated with laughter. Laughter is good for you, your kids and your working partner.


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