Back to School Checklist

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New clothes check        

New sneakers check              

Back pack check

Writing utensils check

Notebooks check

Binder check

Calculator check

Crayons check

You are more than likely checking off these items for the new school year that’s rapidly approaching. Summer’s exit is near by making way for the entrance of Fall. Children are on their last weeks of Summer camp and vacations. Social media is flooded with some children holding signs welcoming their first day with anticipation of what the school year will bring. Some children are so ecstatic that they are marking off the calendars as they count down the days. The children are bubbling with joy as they can’t wait to meet their new Teacher, rekindle old friendships and make new friends. The majority of them are thrilled to be in a new grade and looking forward to embark upon the challenges that the grade entails. First Day of SchoolKnowing that your child’s first day of school will be here before you know it, you begin schooling them before that day comes. For emergency purposes you begin encouraging your little ones to memorize your contact information as well as the family members of others and even your home address. You give them the pep talk about “Stranger Danger” as they nod their little heads as a non verbal sign that they understand. You then proceed on to ensure that your child is protected at school. You let them know that if anyone hits them, is name calling or even bothersome to them to report it to the Teacher right away. These are great discussions that you should be having in order to keep your child “safe”. So you feel like you done everything possible to prepare your child for the school year, you took every safety measure possible. But did you? What can you possibly be missing?

Since we are discussing safety, did you take the time to have a discussion about Personal Body Safety with your child? Why should you do that? Teaching your child about Personal Body Safety which entails boundaries for their bodies is IMPORTANT. According to statistics 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys are sexually assaulted before their 18th Birthday. Although I hope that no child has to endure the unthinkable and become a victim it’s always good to prepare for the what if’s. Similarly to you teaching them about stranger danger, you hope that it will never happen to your child but you prepare them anyway. Because by now you are coming to the realization that you can not protect them when they are out of your sight so you give them the tools necessary to protect themselves. Protection

By now I’m almost certain that I convinced you why Personal Body Safety discussions with your child are necessary. Maybe you are afraid and unsure as to how to approach this “Taboo” topic. I am convinced that I have the solution in the form of a children’s book for Ages 4 and up!


No More Bad Secrets was designed with you and your child in mind. This age appropriate book on Personal Body Safety is used as a tool to begin or continue that discussion. Using a simple, direct and age appropriate approach it teaches children a variety of topics such as:

The difference between good and bad secrets

Who to turn to for help if they are keeping a bad secret

The difference between an appropriate and inappropriate touch

Designed for ages 4 and up you can rest assured that concerned Parents, Caretakers and Educators can approach this topic with ease. Children would be able to receive guidance that they can understand, practice and put to use.
Available August 31, 2018 at

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